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About the gardens

Display Garden


The Display Garden features a bright and vibrant display of plants for each season. Bulbs in the Spring, Annuals for Summer, Christmas Lights in Winter.

Magnolia Garden & Colonnade


The Magnolia Garden features a collection of large Magnolias mostly planted 50 years ago. Be sure to look UP when you visit to see the blooms. There is also a Metasequoia and Ginko biloba here.

The Colonnade is under repair at the moment, but will be covered in various vines to create a shady avenue.

White & Yellow Gardens

Lady's Mantle

The Yellow Garden features plants with either yellow blooms of foliage.

The White Garden focuses on white plants

Oriental Garden


The Oriental Garden is planted with Acer palmatum (Japanese Maples) that came directly from Japan and were planted by the Mayor of our Sister City there. It features an arched bridge over a pond with Goldfish and a Japanese Tea House.

Native Garden


The focal point of the Native Garden is the Totem Pole recently donated by the FOGS. The Pole was carved by a local carver and features an Eagle and a Woman.

The plants here are all native to the Pacific North West.

Rose Garden


The Rose Garden is in it's full glory in June and July and has many varieties of Roses that grow well in our climate.

The Garden is boarded on each side by a raised Perennial Border.

Herb Garden


The Herb Garden has recently been renovated and will soon be complete. It features herbal plants with culinary and medicinal uses.

Visit the Plant List in the Herb Garden section of this site for more information on each herb there.

Hours: 9:30 am - dusk

Where to find the Gardens: