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Saturday April 27, 2019         from 10am -1pm
Rain or Shine!!        CASH ONLY
The Master Gardeners, Wild Birds Unlimited, a Beekeeper and an Herbalist will be there to answer your gardening questions about the plants you have bought.


Celebrating 50 Years

2019 marks 50 years since Park& Tilford Gardens first opened to the public. We will be celebrating this on Sunday, June 9th with Opening Ceremonies at 1:00 pm. The public is invited to help us celebrate and eat cake. There will be artists from the North Shore Artists Guild showing off their paintings that depict scenes of the Gardens and musicians to entertain you as you wander through the Gardens. There will also be many photos of the developing years that may bring back some memories if you are a long time resident of the North Shore.


About the Gardens - The Jewel of the North Shore

These Gardens are unique as they are a peaceful oasis within a busy shopping mall, but also draw avid gardeners to learn about plants suitable for their North Shore gardens. There is something of interest for everyone at anytime of year.
It was designed with 8 themed gardens, each interconnected to the next, making this 2 acre space seem much larger.
The Garden was the dream of George Kuhn, the CEO of Park & Tilford Distilleries, to improve the industrial site and make an enjoyable place for the employees to eat their lunch. He presented the Gardens to the community in 1969 to remain free to the public always. Today the Merchants of of the Mall contribute to to upkeep of the Gardens.
For more about the beginnings of the Garden look under History in the Menu.

Display Garden


The Display Garden features a bright and vibrant display of plants for each season: bulbs in the spring, annuals for summer, Christmas lights in winter.

Magnolia Garden & Colonnade


The Magnolia Garden features a collection of large magnolias mostly planted 50 years ago. Be sure to look UP when you visit to see the blooms in spring. There is also a Metasequoia glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood) and Ginko biloba, both once thought to be extinct.
The Colonnade bisects the Rhododendron Garden that puts on its best show in May.
What once was a bird house with parrots, cockatoos, mynas and other tropical birds now shows off a locally painted trompe l'oeil that gives the impression that you could walk through to the next garden.

White & Yellow Gardens

Eranthis hymenalis - February '06

The Yellow Garden features plants with either yellow blooms or foliage.

The White Garden focuses on plants with white, grey or green leaves or flowers.

Oriental Garden


The Oriental Garden is planted with pines, bamboo and Acer palmatum (Japanese Maples) that came directly from Japan, and were planted by the Mayor of Chiba, our sister city there. It features an arched bridge over a pond with goldfish, a Japanese tea house and of course the Moon Gate.

Native Garden


The focal point of the Native Garden is the totem pole recently donated by the FOGS (the Friends of the Gardens). The pole was carved by Cody Mathias,  a local carver, and depicts an eagle and a woman.
This shady spot is dense with plants native to the Pacific Northwest coastal forests. A wooden bridge spans a boggy area full of yellow skunk cabbage flowers in late spring.

Rose Garden


The Rose Garden is in its full glory in June and July and has many varieties of roses that grow well in our climate. The floribunda, hybrid tea, shurb and climbing roses are stunning and many are fragrant.
The Florentine Pergola is draped with an impressive wisteria blooming in the summer months.

The Garden is bordered on each side by a raised perennial border.

Herb Garden


The Herb Garden has recently been renovated by the FOGS. It features herbal plants with culinary and medicinal uses.

Visit the Catalogue in the Herb Garden section of this site for more information on each herb there. This page also has many presentations about using herbal plants.

Hours: 9:30 am - dusk

Wedding ceremonies must be booked in advance by calling the office at 604-984-8200

The Rose Room can be rented for meetings or small functions.

Where to find the Gardens:

If travelling by the Lions Gate Bridge, take the North Vancouver exit and travel east along Marine Drive which will later turn into Main Street.
If travelling over the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge (Second Narrows), take the Main Street exit #23A and travel west to the Park & Tilford Shopping Centre.