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Pin Lee Maple Pruning Demonstration

Part 1 – March

Pin Lee demonstrated how to prune the Japanese Maples in the Asian Garden in March 2014.

Here are some guidelines from Pin’s demonstration:

  • Plan to prune in early spring before the sap runs and in June when the leaves are out
  • Remove shoots going up or down
  • Eliminate one side of Ys
  • Remove ugly branches
  • Leave two buds
  • Remove branches touching each other
  • Bring down height of tree
  • Prevent tree from growing too wide
  • Use good judgment for overall structure of the tree
  • If branches are parallel, remove one
  • If group of three branches, take centre one
  • Use concave cutter to make clean cut for medium branches
  • Use saw for larger branches
  • Get inside tree for a different perspective
  • Pruning rules are useful, but if you only follow the rules you will get lost
  • Prune to an overall vision of how you want the tree to look
  • Expect to spend a lot of time pruning to do a good job

Part 2 – June

Pin Lee demonstrates pruning the ornamental maples in June. Great stuff!

Asian Garden

One of the most serene areas of the gardens.

Sample Plant List

 Autumn crocus
 Colchicum autumnale, Liliaceae Family  

Poisonous !!

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 Ocimum basilicum, Labiatae Family  

Annual. Native to Africa & Asia.

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 Bear's Breeches
 Acanthus spinosus, Acanthaceae Family  

A species of flowering plant in the family Acanthaceae, native to southern Europe, from Italy to western Turkey.

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 Bee Balm
 Monarda didyma, Labiatae Family  

Perennial. Native to North America.

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 Borago officinalis, Boragninaceae Family  

A hardy annual that easily self-sows with bright blue starry flowers all summer.

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 Common Sage
 Salvia officinalis, Labiatae Family  

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 Cotton Lavender
 Santolina chamaecyparissus, dont know Family  

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