Park & Tilford Gardens Celebrated its 50th Anniversary on June 9th, 2019.

Entrance to Gardens

Many of George Kuhn’s family was able to attend as well as former directors, volunteers, and people who had worked at the gardens in the past.

Here are photos and video from the day.

Marie Kuhn (Bob’s wife), Larry Kuhn (Bob’s son), Jennifer McDonald-Beasse (George’s Granddaughter), Taylor & Kennedy McDonald (George’s Great Granddaughters), Bob Kuhn (George’s Nephew), Jennifer’s Husband
Trudy and Barb Cutting the Cake

Friends Of The Gardens Society (FOGS)

Bettina, Barb, Jane & Lore


Linda Buchanan, Mayor, City of North Vancouver

Addrienne Brown, Garden Review Board

Ann Pentland, President of Friend of the Gardens Society (FOGS)

Mag Kozlowska, Garden Director


Anthony Blackman ~ Steel Pan

Vancouver Squeezebox Circle Orchestra

Asian Gardens Video Tour