Who Are The FOGS?

The Friends of Park & Tilford Gardens Society was formed in 1996. They are affectionately known as the FOGS. They are a group of people that are passionate about gardening and about keeping Park & Tilford Gardens a "Jewel of the North Shore". Their skills range from professional gardeners to novice gardens keen to learn.

They meet once a week on Thursday mornings from 9:00am until 12:00pm. They help out in the garden in any way needed under the guidance of the Director of the Gardens. They could be weeding, taking cuttings, raking leaves, deadheading Roses or getting ready for their Annual Plant Sale at the end of April.

Plant Sale

The Plant Sale is a great opportunity for the FOGS to become familiar with a great variety of plant material. Each FOG chooses an area within the Polyhouse (ie. Shade Plants, Sun Plants, Veggies, etc.) and they become responsible for their area. They must learn to identify all the plants in their area, learn their Latin & common name and their cultural requirements. The FOGS enjoy this as they learn so much. The FOGS also maintain the Display Case (by the office) by refreshing flowers that are of interest in the garden each week. They participate in Special Events put on by the Gardens eg. Christmas Light Up. All these events add up to a lot of fun and a great learning experience for all.

Come join us on Thursday mornings or contact us at annmorpent@gmail.com