Here are some basic instructions for editing the Herb Garden Catalogue.

The catalogue is implemented as a Grid Kit Product Catalogue.  The listing and the features work fairly well for the plant photos and information.

Here are the basic steps for editing and adding plant information.

  1. Log on to WordPress

    Log on to the site with an account that can add and edit content.

  2. Choose Dashboard

    Put the mouse pointer over the Park & Tilford Gardens label in the black WordPress bar and choose Dashboard.

  3. Choose Grid Kit / Product Catalog

    Put the mouse over the Grid Kit option on the left and choose Product catalogues from the menu.

  4. Choose Edit

    Click on the pencil icon to edit the plant list.List of product catalogues

  5. Add New Plant

    Select + New Product and fill in the fields with what you have.Edit plant info

  6. Add photos

    Select + Picture to add one or more photos. The first photo shows up in the listing page and visitor can click on the others on the detail page.

  7. Enter categories

    The listing page has a pull-down menu to filter by the categories listed in this field.  For example, Culinary.  The form forces lowercase and the menu shows Title Case. The categories in use appear above the editing area.Categories

  8. Save Plant

    Click on the green disc icon to Save the plant.Save plant

  9. Reorder Plants

    You can drag the plant listings on the left up and down to reorder.plant reorder

  10. Edit Plants

    Click on any plant to show the details. Edit to taste.

  11. Be sure to Save

    Click on the green disc icon to site.Save plant

  12. Test on Site

    Once saved, you can browse the site with Visit Site and go to